Episode 20 – Beckford, Snodgrass & Phil Hay, TALK LEEDS – The Lockdown Tactics – Part One

THIS week’s episode on The Lockdown Tactics is a special on Leeds United, to celebrate their promotion back into the Premier League for the first time in 16 years. Snoddy – who captained the Elland Road side earlier in his career – is joined by fans’ favourite Jermaine Beckford and top journalist, Phil Hay, from The Athletic, a man who knows the club inside out. Boydy asks the questions as they all reminisce about promotions, relegations, owners, managers and now getting back into the big time under Marcello Bielsa. Every Leeds United supporter will love this two part special. It takes you right behind the scenes and it’s not to be missed. In a powerful podcast, the lads go in depth on:
*Bielsa’s attention to detail, his fiery relationship with his superiors and his off-field lifestyle.
*The signings the need club needs to thrive in the Premier League
*Why Jermaine cried when he left Leeds
*Their memories of playing in front of the ‘brilliant’ Leeds supporters
*Why the Leeds players thought Snoddy was a taxi driver when he signed
*Snoddy’s regret at leaving but knew it was time to go
*Why he thinks Jerminae should be given a coaching role at Elland Road
*The relationships they have with the Leeds legends

It’s another brilliant episode on TLT, the podcast with Big Names, Inside Stories, Great Banter and a core focus on Mental Health.
Stay Safe & Enjoy.
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